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Best Hair Loss Solutions of 2020

The beginning of a new year symbolizes a new start for many people. It is time to start a new chapter and work on ourselves so that we can become the best person we can be. Many people choose to focus their energy on improving their appearance — think about how many people you know who make it a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym.

Making a conscious effort to improve one’s appearance makes one feel more confident in themselves and their looks, whether they’ve actually improved their appearance or not. It’s the effort that counts, and it can truly make all the difference.

You can find thousands of exercise recommendations for the New Year online, but you may not see a lot of suggestions for combatting hair loss. Those who are losing hair often begin to suffer from self-confidence and self-esteem issues, which is no way to start off 2020. 

Check out the best hair loss solutions for 2020 down below.

Vitamin D Supplements. This solution is optimal for those dealing with hair thinning rather than hair loss. While many people believe that biotin supplements are the key to beautiful, luscious hair, many haircare experts actually recommend taking Vitamin D supplements. A lack of vitamin D can accelerate hair loss and make it even more difficult for any additional hair loss products you use to work. Consider increasing your Vitamin D intake in combination with a more intense hair loss solution. If you don’t want to take supplements, try adding Vitamin D rich foods like egg yolks and fatty fish into your diet. 

Shampoos. We all shower, so incorporating this hair loss solution into your life should be relatively easy. Yes, you read this correctly — there are shampoos on the market that help stimulate hair growth. If you’re thinking about going the shampoo route, you have two options: a prescription shampoo or over-the-counter shampoo. Prescription shampoos work by blocking hormones associated with hair loss, such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), from interrupting the hair growth cycle. Over-the-counter options work by providing the hair with amino acids and antioxidants — some of the building blocks it needs to grow. No matter what option you pick, speak with your dermatologist and ask for some of their recommendations.

Scalp micropigmentation. This final solution is the most immediate out of all the options on this list. It is also the only solution that is guaranteed to work. If you go forward with scalp micropigmentation, you’ll have small pigments (hence the term micropigmentation) applied to your scalp in a process that is very similar to tattooing, but much less painful. These pigments will fill in your hair line and imitate strands of hair  — making it look like you never lost your hair in the first place. One of the best ways to understand how scalp micropigmentation works is by understanding the training process all technicians go through. Read more here:

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